WCFM Showcases High Quality Print Ads

Gaining attention to your ad in printed materials is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for advertising traffic. Leveraging design, color, and layout structure entices readability and gets you noticed. Our talented design staff will guide you through this process and get you one more step towards getting noticed.


WCFM Launches Responsive Web Portal for the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland

kidneyshotThe National Kidney Foundation of Maryland is dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.

It was vital for NKF of MD to integrate a smooth, seamless responsive site that can be viewed on both mobile and tablet platforms. With a robust payment gateway integration system, donors may send online donations with ease.

You can visit NKF of Maryland at http://www.kidneymd.org

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Martin’s Messages Showcases New Design

martins-messageChanneling is a process that allows energies from a higher source to use a human instrument to convey information. Channeling is different from other forms of psychic activity in that the information comes straight from the source to the seeker. There is no “middle man” interpreting or filtering the message.

Channeling is especially helpful to those who seek insight from an alternative source for everyday challenges. Individuals receive information on very practical matters, such as career choice, interpersonal relationships, health, goals and finances. Additionally, questions concerning the spiritual realm are also answered through channeling. These can include past life experiences, messages from spirit guides and departed loved ones, karmic lessons and spiritual missions.

Susan Q. Driscoll, M.A., is a practicing intuitive channel, counselor and teacher. Susan holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has worked in both agency and academic environments.

After many years of metaphysical searching and study, Susan began working with “Martin” energy in 1995. She conducts group and private channeling sessions, specializing in Akashic (past life) readings and life transition issues.

Check out her website here.

Website credits: Ann Bevans and Justin Crawford


New Print Catalog showcases Custom Designed RangeCraft Hoods crafted by some of the most skilled Artisans

RangeCraft Manufacturing is well known by discerning buyers for its popular product line of Made-To-Order range hoods. Skilled artisans, trained by Master Coppersmiths, create every custom designed range hood, one at a time.

It was vital for RangeCraft to not only give their existing brochure a new facelift, but to also emphasize their core products around key content. In order to accomplish this, layouts are trialed and tested, and run through a series of design processes that ultimately result in a polished, final catalog like the one below.

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Steam’n Educational Platform Launches

STEAM’N is a responsive, interactive, open source collection of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics lessons that always include a nutritional objective. The goal of this effort is to increase access to traditional and inquiry-based instructional materials that are relevant and consistent with current educational standards that also address nutritional health/education.


Custom Intranet and Extranet Solutions

extranet-exampleIs your web presence driven by heavy use of file transfer methodologies by either your internal staff or clients? Exploring custom extranet or intranet solutions can increase your brand awareness and help you simplify file sharing without having to use cumbersome third party software.

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WCFM teams up with Grammy Winning Artist Albert Hammond to produce Bilingual Website Portal

hammond-thumbAlbert Hammond has been writing hit songs for over forty years. Albert achieved early success as an artist with his song “It Never Rains in Southern California,” and he has since built a multi-faceted career as an artist, songwriter and producer in both English-speaking and Latin markets.

It was important for Albert Hammond not only display his album music in an organized fashion, but to allow his visitors to transition the content into Spanish translation. We worked with his team and helped create a highly functional, bilingual site that puts emphasis on and facilitates his ongoing music career.


Website client Karen Steen discusses her art in residence program on Channel 69 show “The Peak”


Karen Steen – Fine Artist

Karen Steen, native to the cultural art district in and around Bethlehem, PA wanted to create a very simple website that allowed users the ability to seamlessly browse through her artwork portfolio. The site integrates a customized administration that allows her to edit her artwork and turn them into thumbnails for speedy viewing.


In her most recent public setting, Karen discusses her artist in residence program on the Channel 69 TV show called ‘The Peak’.


Tips for Designing Print Ads

Ad For Photographer

Sometimes it’s not enough to display an ordinary block ad for either a newspaper or other advertising medium. With good design comes better visual cues, so that the focal points emphasize and convey the message. Spacial elements within a design can also play a major role on whether your ad is going to be seen. If elements are too numerous and congested, your eye isn’t able to focus on any message.


Top Keyword Trending Tools On The Web

Whilst knowing what keywords people are searching for is useful (and an important success measure in its own right), it doesn’t necessarily directly correlate to how much your brand is being talked about. Fortunately, a new breed of products is emerging which focus on tracking keyword usage on blogs and in other community spaces.

Celebitrix.com – Uses a specific algorithim to calculate what popular celebrity-centric keywords are trending comparing results to its own site and other blogs.

Icerocket’s Trend Tool, Trendpedia, Technorati charts and Nielsen’s BlogPulse Trend Search all attempt to trend word usage in the blogosphere, whilst the recently launched Facebook Lexicon collates keyword data from people’s Facebook Walls and Twist charts keyword recurrence on Twitter.

The potential applications of these keyword trending tools are already myriad and my suspicion is that they are just the tip of the iceberg. Obvious next steps include mashing up the existing data sources to provide both aggregate and comparative trends across the various forums/services (e.g. Facebook users talk more about X than Y, whereas Twitterers talk more about Y then X) and beginning to contextualise the mentions to make more qualitative assessments (e.g. X % of keyword mentions were in a positive context, Y % were negative).