What are the Benefits of an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate helps to ensure that any information sent between your website users and your internet server is encrypted and secure.
As well as the obvious security advantages that this brings, there are multiple other benefits to having an SSL certificate for your website.

Boost your Google Ranking
Google uses a number of signals to determine how high up in their rankings a website sits and the content of your page isn’t the only one. Google has announced that websites that use SSL certificates to make their connections secure will receive a ranking boost in return for doing so.

It’s not entirely clear how significant this boost is but in the cut-throat world of search engine optimisation, it’s well worth taking advantage of anything that will allow you to score an edge over your competitors. Of all the things that you can do to improve your Google ranking, adding an SSL certificate to your website is one of the most straightforward.

Improve User Trust
The average internet user is much more aware of the security risks that come with using the world wide web than they were five years ago. That means that they’ll be wary of any website that isn’t using encryption.

Google Chrome now displays a small green padlock and the words “secure” next to your URL if you have an SSL Certificate installed.

SSL Certificate
If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed you will see the following and shortly, you will start to see a red triangle and “Not secure” next to your URL which could be a concern to the user.

Non SSL Contact Forms
Also, if forms on your website announce to the user that they’re being sent in an insecure way then there’s every chance that they won’t submit them and may even abandon your website at the first opportunity, costing you leads, business, and customers.

An SSL certificate ensures that you’re meeting the security expectations of your users and doing everything you can to protect their valuable data.


Escalating The Speed of Your WordPress Site

25-second summary:

  • The faster your website, the higher your chances to engage with new visitors and potential customers.
  • The closer a server is to your visitors, the smaller the latency they’ll experience. That’s why it’s key to know where most of your visitors are based to define your server’s proximity.
  • The crucial aspect you need to keep in mind is the flexibility your theme provides: are you able to customize it and even to disable features that you’re not planning to use? If “yes” it’s your answer, that’s a good theme to test.
  • You shouldn’t worry about the number of plugins you’re installing as long as those plugins are coded properly.
  • Caching can help your server remember your content to make access to your pages faster.
  • Large images can significantly affect your site’s load speed and it can be one of the critical aspects many site owners overlook.
  • Work on building a light and minimal template for 404 pages and serve that instead of the default one.
  • Comments can negatively affect the load speed of your pages. Optimizing native WordPress comments, disabling them altogether, or using a third-party system can be a fix for that.
  • If you are not running a blog on your site, you could simply disable the RSS feed to improve WordPress performance.

Bucks County Nutrition Counselor Offers Organic Produce Advice to Help Battle Health Illiteracy

When Jon Holznagel was diagnosed with lung cancer, he didn’t want to accept the answers provided by his oncologist. “I’m a firm believer in knowledge and understanding, and using all-natural products,” he says. He steadfastly stuck to his beliefs, and eight months after the diagnosis, his oncologist couldn’t find any traces of cancer.

Holznagel, known as Dr. Jon to his customers at To Your Health Natural Foods, grew up during the mid-century when TV dinners and processed foods were becoming mainstays in American diets, but his family remained true to organic, whole foods. Holznagel fondly recalls many family trips to Penns Creek, Pennsylvania’s longest limestone stream and a popular fishing spot. Near Penns Creek was Walnut Acres farm, where Holznagel’s father frequently purchased organic produce for the family.

After ending a Health Food store in early March of 2020, Jon spends most of his time running his next endeavor in the nutrition counseling education space. To learn more about his nutrition coaching services visit https://www.toyourhealthnc.com.


The True Value of SEO

Businesses across the globe commit huge dollars every year towards advertising campaigns using print, television and radio opportunities. However, only a tiny percentage of these businesses commit any dollars (or time) towards SEO, and they are leaving huge dollars on the table – or worse yet – in their competitor’s bank accounts!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of setting up your website so it is EASY for Google to find your site and display it in search results for the products or services that your company offers. In other words, if you’re a computer consultant in Calgary, you need to make it easy for Google to realize that this is your area of expertise. Most businesses will overlook this opportunity (often because they don’t fully understand it) and miss the opportunity to capture new customers in need of their services. The reality is, whether you’re set up effectively for Google or not, when someone searches for your services they will find the information they need. So either you get into the game and show up effectively online, or those sales are going to your competition! It’s that simple.