Anyma and Chris Avantgarde’s New Futuristic Single “CONSCIOUSNESS” Including Surreal World Of Art And Live Visuals.

Pioneering musical concept Anyma links with multi-talented artist Chris Avantgarde to create “Consciousness.” The single’s euphoric arpeggios, sleek synths, and futuristic vocals complement the infinite aesthetic of Anyma’s mind-bending NFT.

“Consciousness” was set finally released with Afterlife Recordings on May 18th after months of playtime by the Afterlife lineup. The single will also be tokenized as an NFT via Anyma’s newly formed DAOxfit (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), known as EVA DAO.

The innovative collaboration by the two ambitious artists will undeniably be remembered as one of 2022’s most captivating productions. The NFT is described on its website as “the sentience of internal, external, or virtual existence”.

Anyma explains how he and Chris created “Consciousness” through their musical interpolation to connect the real and virtual world. It is further explained that this sonic bridge created between web3 and web2 is connected the future and the past of music and visual art. Using web 3, EVA DAO evolves the fan experience to be immersive, intimate, and impactful.

Matteo Milleri, also known as Anyma, is utilizing the infinite possibilities of extended reality by creating an interactive space that will encourage artists’ ownership in their creative human expression. EVA DAO will focus on exploring live visual experiences while aiming to improve the way artists independently finance and share their vision.

EVA DAO’s first showcase will be presented in the form of an NFT. The highly curated collection will be showcased at the prestigious Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy for the Let’s Get Digital! exhibition. Anyma has also previously teased the ID at memorable live performances such as Afterlife in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

    June 5th, 2023
    | Author: AlienWeb